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ps flat plate upper discharging centrifuge
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  • 6Centrifuge apparatuscentrifuge apparatus capable of discharging two centrifugally separated under Another rotor section 111c forming the upper part of the rotor, receives
  • 11Vertical centrifuge discharging mechanismThe vertical centrifuge discharging mechanism comprises a lifting unit, a The lifting unit is installed on a centrifuge cover, an upper section of
  • 19A method of treating an aqueous processing waste solution of to solid and liquid by means of a centrifugedischarging means located at the upper surface of a positive type PS plate SMPN (a trademark of
  • 20System for analysis of gene sequenceIn the prior art, a centrifuge is used when beads For discharging air bubbles, it is effective to an upper plate 205 having a reagent inlet 203,
  • 22Producing method for ink for inkjet recordingdischarging head, an ink supply portion and an and a centrifuge classifying mill the ball mill flat plate of a csnotant thickness of which a
  • 16Horizontal spiral discharging sedimentation centrifugeutility model provides a horizontal spiral discharging sedimentation centrifuge The second vibrationdamping plate is fixedly connected to the upper side
  • 10Gradingtype horizontal spiral discharging centrifugeThe vertical baffle plate divides a spiral channel of the spiral discharging () Gradingtype horizontal spiral discharging centrifuge
  • 18CENTRIFUGE APPARATUScentrifuge bowl, is removed by a skimmer actuated means for discharging accumulatisno of said one material The size of the orifice in the plate 64 is
  • 7External cycloidal spiral discharging differential centrifugeThe invention relates to an external cycloidal spiral discharging differential centrifuge The upper end of an input end box cover is connected with a
  • 17Bagpulling discharging centrifugedischarging centrifuge, which mainly comprises a plate are uniformly and fixedly connected with The upper end of a spring is connected with
  • 21Scrubber for grease exhaust ductprior to discharging the air to the atmosphere The exhaust air is intensively centrifuged and a plate 16 to form a flat bottom floor 23 for
  • 14Horizontal screw discharging sedimentation centrifugeThe utility model provides a horizontal screw discharging sedimentation centrifuge The horizontal screw discharging sedimentation centrifuge comprises a scre
  • 15Vertical screw discharging centrifuge structurean upper machine case, a drum component, a screw the centrifuge plate type machine base is adopted Vertical screw discharging centrifuge
  • 12Centrifugeplate member 21 which is secured, in turn, to a chute for discharging said lilter cake arranged Engineering Company Centrifuge and method for using
  • 13CentrifugeJ sCHAAF CENTRIFUGE Filed Janfsov, 1 955 2 termittently discharging the solids from said 1 tof 4 the valve11 is flat and in the
  • 9External doublecycloid type spiral discharging differential The invention relates to an external doublecycloid type spiral discharging differential centrifuge The upper end of an input end box cover is connected